Обзор книги “Learning Domain-Driven Design” — part IV (Data Mesh)

Рис.1 “Что не так с DWH и Data Lake”
Рис.2 “Analytical vs Transactional Data Model”
Рис.3 “Tables in analytical model”
Рис.4 “Data Models Properties”
Рис.5 “Star Schema”
Рис.6 “Snowflake schema”
Рис.7 “DWH and Data Mesh”
Рис.8 “Data Lake”
Рис.9 “Challenges of DWH and Data Lakes”
Рис.10 “Core principles of Data Mesh”
Рис.11 “Combination of Data Mesh and DDD”



Director of digital ecosystem development department at Tinkoff. Bachelor at applied math, Master at system analysis, Postgraduate studies at economics.

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