Про программу MBA INSEAD+Tinkoff

Рис.1 “Логотип”
Рис.2 “Content of MBA Program”


Рис.3 “Five phase of design thinking”
Рис.4 “Fundamental principles of interaction with objects”

… ибо всякому имеющему дастся и приумножится, а у неимеющего отнимется и то, что имеет

Рис.5 “Business Model Canvas”
Рис.6 “Classification of products (Process/Tech and Market)”

1. What’s the value proposition and the business model to create it and deliver it to the target customer segments?
2. Identify the key components of the business model(activities, linkages, stakeholders, and relationships).
3. Map out a business model canvas
4. Identify what is NICE about the business model. How does the business model create value? What is the business logic behind it? (i.e. why and how does it deliver superior returns for the firm?)
5. List the key hypotheses that underlie the business model. What are the key risks? How would you test them before scaling up?

Companies stage an experience whenever they engage customers, connecting with them in personal, memorable way

Рис.7 “Design readiness framework”

Local Module

Рис.8 “Innovation Culture”
Рис.9 “Five focuses of successful transformation”
Рис.10 “PPVVCC Model”
Рис.11 “System Thinking Framework”




Director of digital ecosystem development department at Tinkoff. Bachelor at applied math, Master at system analysis, Postgraduate studies at economics.

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