Обзор книги “Software Architecture: The Hard Parts” — Part 6


A written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be enforceable by law.

hard parts contract
The format used by parts of an architecture to convey information or dependencies.

Рис.1 “Contracts: Strict, Loose and Tunable”
Рис.2 “Stamp Coupling for Workflow Management”

Managing Analytical Data

Рис.3 “Managing Analytical Data”

DPQ represents a component owned by the domain team responsible for implementing the service. It overlaps information stored in the database, and may have interactions with some of the domain behavior asynchronously. The data product quantum also likely has behavior as well as data for the purposes of analytics and business intelligence.

Рис.4 “Data Product Quantum”

Build Your Own Trade-Off Analysis

Рис.5 “ATAM — Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method”
Рис.6 “The most important concerns of ATAM”
Рис.7 “Exploring quality attributes”
Рис.8 “Commonly seen quality attributes”
Рис.9 “Scenarios of ATAM”
Рис.10 “Utility trees”





Director of digital ecosystem development department at Tinkoff. Bachelor at applied math, Master at system analysis, Postgraduate studies at economics.

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